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High Pressure Rotary Gear Pump Manufacturer

Since 1929, Northern Pump has manufactured HIGH PRESSURE heavy duty positive displacement rotary gear pumps. With Northern’s inception as Northern Fire Apparatus Company through modern day, as part of McNally Industries, the intention is to manufacture a gear pump that can outperform others in high pressure and severe applications.

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Custom Gear Pumps

Northern® Heavy Duty gear pumps are available in all shapes and sizes. Our modular design allows us to customize a gear pump for your specific application.

Factory Maintenance and Repair

Skilled mechanics at the Northern factory are standing by to recondition your pump back to it’s original condition. After a careful disassembly process, the entire pump is inspected to determine parts that need replacement or reconditioning.

New Pump Applications

Northern Pump has manufactured precision gear pumps for over ninety years. Yet, we still encounter new applications daily. Chances are, we already have experience with your application.

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