Military & Government

McNally Industries LLC. has developed and designed a new coolant pump for the US Navy to a performance specification for the Phalanx Close In Weapon System (CIWS). Since the inception of the McNally pump we have supported the Phalanx system with over 900 coolant pumps and continue to supply new and overhauled units. The Phalanx Close-In Weapon System (CIWS) is an anti-missile system that is manufactured by Raytheon Company and is used by the United States Navy on every class of surface combat ship in its fleet and is used by navies of twenty-three allied nations.

McNally Industries LLC has past experience in supporting the U.S. Nuclear Navy with manufacturing a number of different sized nuclear coolant charging pumps for use on various multi-purpose Aircraft Carrier Classes. Our efforts for these triplex piston pumps also included a valve and valve seat design upgrade to support the Navy’s requirements. The supply of these complex pumps required extensive inspections, operational testing along with much documentation and supporting detail per Navy requirements.

McNally Industries LLC. has designed and developed a lubricating pump system for the upgrade/modernization plan for the Bradley Fighting Vehicle (BFV). This development is in direct support to bring the current 600 Horsepower design up to an 800 Horsepower configuration.