Pipeline Industry Case Study

Midstream Company Utilizes the Northern® 4800
Crude Oil Pipeline Injection Pump

Grantsburg, WI – Northern Pump, entered into a purchase agreement with a major Bakken pipeline company to provide nine custom pump unit assemblies. The Northern 4800 offers a more effective pumping solution on a crude oil pipeline.  The pipeline company is an independently owned oil and gas exploration and production company, based in Casper, WY.

Under the agreement, Northern provided a gear pump unit assembly that was customized to fit their exact application. The unit includes the pump assembly, explosion proof electric motor, coupling, and coupling guard. This complete unit is assembled and aligned at the factory, which eliminates costly and tedious efforts during installation.

The project was qualified with a  field trial pump that was provided in a joint effort between Northern Pump, and it’s Casper, WY based distributor; DXP Falcon Pump & Supply. As expected, this Northern Heavy Duty Gear Pump proved it could adapt to the difficult application. In addition, the modular design of this Northern Pump makes it easy to operate and maintain in the field.

With this order, Northern Pump again demonstrates the overall life cycle value, and ability to provide focused support to another independent pipeline company. For more information contact our sales team at (800) 366-1410.