Molten Sulfur Case Study

Northern Melts Away Sulfur Pump Delivery Concerns

Grantsburg, WI – Northern Pump, successfully delivered two custom pumps for an international customer in the molten sulfur industry. The completely custom 4600-07-C3859 and 4600-15-C3860 pumps were designed, manufactured, and tested within a three week timeframe. This custom project also included a maintenance manual delivered in both English and Portuguese.

Northern 4000 Sulfur Series Pumps feature a special heating option to ensure a consistent operating temperature range. This ability to maintain constant temperature is extremely important for the handling of molten sulfur, due to its narrow effective operating range. The Northern 4000 Sulfur Series pumps can use steam or other heat transfer fluids to maintain an optimum temperature range, even in extreme environments.

These Northern 4000 Series Sulfur Pumps were designed to pump 10 and 20 gallons of molten sulfur per minute at 40 PSI discharge pressure. In addition to the integrated heating jackets, they also feature a John Crane Type 9 mechanical seal, O-Ring seals between the plates, and cobalt bound tungsten carbide sleeve bearings. Our modular construction allows our entire size range of pumps to be offered in a Sulfur Series. Every Northern 4000 Series Sulfur pump is performance tested to meet the exact duty conditions of the customer’s application.  

Northern Pump continues to demonstrate the ability to deliver critical custom pump projects. Our highly skilled team allows us to bring a gear pump concept through final performance testing in just a few weeks. For more information on how Northern Pump can help you achieve your operational goals contact our sales team at (800) 366-1410.

To view our custom maintenance manuals click the following links: