LACT Pumps

LACT Pumps (Lease Automatic Custody Transfer Pumps)

LACT pumps are critical systems designed for the automatic transfer of ownership of crude oil between a buyer and seller. The main objective of LACT unit is to measure, sample and transfer the crude oil from the production site to pipelines.  A crucial component of the LACT system is the LACT booster pump which is key to efficient and reliable operation. The pump is a critical component in the process and must be able to perform at:

  • Various temperatures
  • Swings in viscosity
  • Changes in flow requirements
  • Increasing pressures

Why Northern Pumps for LACT PUMPS?
Northern Rotary Gear Pumps are the best choice for LACT systems. They are efficient, extremely reliable and offer a very small footprint. Northern pumps provide a constant, smooth and non-pulsating flow eliminating the need for costly pulsation dampeners (which are required in combination with reciprocating pumps).

Northern also compares favorably to progressive cavity pumps.  The Northern has hardened internal components and contains no significant elastomers that can react to liquids being pumped.  The footprint of a Northern is generally one third the size of a PC pump which means the size of the LACT skid can be much smaller and future maintenance is much simpler greatly reducing overall cost of ownership.

Northern’s ability to produce discharge pressures up to 1440 psig and a broad turn-down ratio has made it the ideal pump for crude oil injection for pipeline applications. Whether the application is injection oil into a pipeline from a LACT unit or providing boost for systems that have become inadequate do to increase line pressures, Northern LACT Pumps has performed flawlessly.

Northern has several hundred pumps providing outstanding service in LACT booster pump applications.  Small size, great service life, low maintenance cost and competitive pricing make Northern your best choice for current and future LACT projects.