High Pressure Vertical Pumps

The Northern High Pressure Vertical Pumps are ideal for crude oil sump systems. Traditionally pipeline sump evacuation has been a challenge for the crude oil pipeline industry. A complex combination of vertical centrifugal pumps and triplex reciprocating pumps with expensive accessory equipment seems to have been the most common arrangement. Northern Pump has now revolutionized this application by applying our high pressure gear pump technology used in our horizontal booster pumps to a vertical mounting configuration. This new offering means the following:

  • A single system simplifying installation and operation
  • Pressure capability to 1440 psi line pressure
  • Pulse-free flow eliminating pulsation dampening
  • Adaptive to changes in flow requirements
  • Easy maintenance and flexibility to varying sump depths

Why Northern Pumps for Crude Oil Sumps? 
Northern Rotary Gear Pumps are the best choice for Crude Oil Pipeline Sump Systems. They are efficient, extremely reliable and offer a very small footprint. Northern pumps provide a constant, smooth and non-pulsating flow eliminating the need for costly pulsation dampeners (which are required in combination with reciprocating pumps). Northern can also be easily configured to the depth of your sump.  The Northern has hardened internal components and is produced from all machined components meaning no long delivery castings. Northern is the easy solution for your crude oil pipeline sump systems!